Laser Attack, EA, Scalar Attack on Composite Manufactured Vehicles

More and more future fighting vehicles introduced at the Military Trade Shows in Pakistan, China, Israel seem to contain composite material as integral components to save weight. This composite material is lightweight and has many advantages to the high cost of exotic alloy. Composite is also free from the corrosive properties of aluminum and rusting properties of iron. It is for this reason we will world fighting vehicles switch to composite components whenever heavy armor is not needed. We will also see a trend towards ceramic-composite combinations in substitute for steel armor. Lighter war vehicles, harder to see on radar, lighter and faster, greater range and longer lasting to deal with seasonal changes on the surface of the planet causing rust and corrosion.

These vehicles having these advantages also have a disadvantage of scalar or laser attack. If our weaponry can cause the material to over heat the composite will give off toxic fumes, which will kill the occupants or cause them to flee the vehicle. Thus for every vehicles which is abandoned our forces achieve one more fighting vehicle. Anyone who has ever played "Risk" will realize that it takes a lot less time to manufacture a new modern war-fighting vehicle than to capture one free of charge. We are currently building Future Fighting Vehicles, which contain composite components for the same reason that other arms traders and manufacturers are around he world. Since we all countries capable of fighting a modern war will have these composite made vehicles, it makes sense that any future adversary will make, buy, sell or use such weapons against us. If a partially composite constructed fighting vehicle is to be manned then sending in a laser or scalar wave to super heat the vehicle is a relevant tactic. Overwhelming the human occupants to get them to abandon the vehicles or to help them pre-maturely expire will add one more vehicle to our side and help quickly reduce the threat, thus win the battle.

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