Types of Musical Careers

This article is about music related careers.

What is music? Music is a type of art form that uses sound as the medium of expression. The development of music among our ancient ancestors may have taken place via the creative sound expressions derived from observing natural sounds such as those of bird singings and animal interactions.

Common musical terms includes are pitch, dynamics, rhythm and the sonic qualities of texture and timber. Pitch is about melody and harmony.

The followings are some music and song related careers.

Singer. A singer is also known as a vocalist. Singers uses his or her voice as the instrument. There can be many types of singer.

Musician. A musician is a person who plays or writes music. There are several types of musicians. An instrumentalist plays a musical instrument. Some types of musicians include the Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Harpist, Clarinetist, Keyboardist (also known as the Keyboard player).

Composers and songwriters. They create music and songs.

Conductor. A conductor leads a musical ensemble. A conductor can at the same time perform the role of the instrumentalist as well.

Music therapist. A Music Therapist treats physical, psychological, cognitive, and social problems of individuals through the healing power of music.

Disc Jockey. A Disc jockey plays music on the radio. He or she usually work in the radio stations within the air-conditioned and sound proof studios.

Well, that is all for the article on musical career. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of musical career. Hope that it is useful. Thank you for reading.

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